A heat loss survey is a comprehensive assessment conducted to evaluate the efficiency of a building's insulation and heating systems. By identifying areas where heat is escaping, the survey helps pinpoint potential energy inefficiencies, which can lead to higher heating costs and environmental impact. Through thermal imaging and detailed inspections, the survey aims to recommend effective insulation upgrades and energy-saving measures, ultimately enhancing the building's energy efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint. We offer a few options for heat loss either calculated by construction type room sizes etc or a measured option where we place monitors inside and outside the home to monitor how quickly the building looses the heat, Measured options are the best way to gain real life heat loss as every building is different and the way we all live is different too.

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With the cost of energy rising and our carbon footprint increasing we need to look at the future in heating and cooling our homes or work places.

We supply a complete service one thing you need to really consider is a poorly designed system will not work efficiently and will cost you more to run than your standard boiler this technology has been used in countries hot or cold all over the world for years. So what we do is design a system that suits your home as every home is different and some will require certain upgrades in your system. This is achieved by either a room by room heatloss calculation or real world thermal performance measurements which is achieved by placing monitors in your home that measure how quickly your building loses heat.

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