Heat pumps are considered a low-carbon technology, as they use renewable or ambient heat sources, such as air, ground, or water, and emit no greenhouse gases during operation. However, they do consume electricity, which may have a carbon footprint depending on how it is generated.

Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps are efficient HVAC systems that heat spaces by pulling air from the outside and converting it into heat for your home using a refrigerant. They are now more compact using a monoblock system such as the one in the video below.

The right installation is crucial for the optimal performance of a heat pump. Using a HVAC trained installer to ensure the system is correctly sized and installed according to manufacturer guidelines is essential.

Ground Source Heat Pump

These units get their heat from the ground which is somewhere between 10-12 degrees there are a few ways of doing this. You could have boreholes drilled into the ground you occupy where ground loops are installed this way normally can be done in smaller spaces than other options. Paired with solar thermal you can dump excess hot water created by the solar thermal next to the ground loops to replenish the heat energy for the winter. You could have slinky’s or straight pipes installed which involves digging trenches and installing either straight pipes or coiled pipes, this way takes up more room but works well.

Heat Pumps Repair

If your heat pump is not functioning properly, it's important to have it repaired by a certified f gas technician. Common issues include refrigerant leaks, faulty thermostats, or problems with the compressor or fan. Prompt repairs can prevent further damage and maintain the system's efficiency. This being said a heat pump works the same way as a fridge so is ultra reliable a well installed and maintained unit should last circa 20 years. If you have a specific question or need assistance with a heat pump issue, feel free to ask!

Heat Pumps Servicing

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your heat pump running smoothly and efficiently. This includes cleaning or replacing filters, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting the ductwork, checking glycol levels, and ensuring all components are in good working condition. Also setting up the controls to offer the best level of comfort for the home owners as we all live differently.


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